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The principal aim of the project is to validation, assessment and industrial demonstration of a new innovative and environmentally friendly technologybased on natural productsin primary treatment of wastewaters, at urban and industrial level.

The implementation of the new technology at EU level will constitute an economical, technical and environmental improvement, deriving in energy and resources save and no production of wastewater or hazardous chemical waste during the physical-chemical treatment of industrial or urban wastewater.

The proposed technique will be demonstrated at: 



A.1 - Pre-industrial assessment of natural based coagulants in specific matrix

B.1 - Design and construction of theprototype

B.2 - Industrial validation and demonstration phase

C.1 - Monitoring of the impact of the project actions

D.1 - Communication and dissemination actions

D.2 - Project website

D.3 - Notice Boards

D.4 - Layman's Report

E.1 - Project management and monitoring of the project progress

E.2 - Creation of information exchange networks with other projects

E.3 - After-LIFE communication Plan

E.4 - Project audit


Improve the coagulant efficiency in wastewater treatment procedures, compared to current alternatives like synthetic or inorganic materials

        Decrease of chemicals dosage, reaching in some cases 30% reduction of chemicals, from neutralizing agents use.

        Rapid flocculation and decantation. Consequences:

o   i)Coagulant dosage is reduced

o   ii) Organic products during flocculant dosage is also reduced (apox.10%).

        Reduction of 40% of chemical costs and a reduction of chemical dosage could reach 75%.

        Metallic parts of the facilities and health security of workers will be improved as non-toxic materials will be used.